The Russian government is no longer comfortable being dependent on the Windows operating system, and has thus decided to create its own flavor of Linux for internal use. 150 million rubles (€3.55 million or nearly $4.89 million) has been put aside for the project. That’s a huge amount of money to invest into something that isn’t certain (what if Russia gives up and goes back to using Windows 7?).

“We will become independent of Windows … but it risks becoming an unthinking implantation of Linux [that was probably supposed to be translated as “implementation”],” Russian deputy and computer expert Ilia Ponomarev told the AFP. Nevertheless, he admitted that it will be difficult to create and implement an operating system secure enough for government use, conceding that “the devil is in the details.” Those details will be hashed out during a December meeting headed by Vice Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov.

Until the project comes to fruition and Russia actually declares its solution superior to Windows, this won’t be a big deal. Even then though, we doubt Microsoft will be particularly worried. The software giant will undoubtedly be unhappy for losing some business, but it won’t be a huge blow.