Gmail_logoGmail has just added a new “Labs” feature that should save you some time if you’re the type of person that tends to plow through your e-mail inbox in bunches.

As the name implies, the new “Auto-advance” option (that can be enabled under “Settings” > “Labs”) lets you automatically move to the previous or next conversation after archiving, deleting or muting an individual e-mail message.

While that might sound like expected behavior, up until today, Gmail simply took you back to your inbox after taking any of those actions, meaning you essentially needed to scroll back down to wherever you were in your attempt at e-mail triage.

Thus, you can see how “Auto-advance” might save you some time –- and probably not an insignificant amount of time if you get a lot of e-mail and aim to keep your inbox clean through the use of archiving, deleting and muting.

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