Chinese website eNet has filled in some missing information – notably TDP and TMU count. The TDP of GeForce GTX 580 is at 244W, slightly lower than the GeForce GTX 480. The texture fillrate had been viewed by many as one of the bottlenecks for GF100, and eNet reports that GF110 effectively doubles the TMU count to 128 TMUs. Apart from this substantial improvement in TMU, the GF110 is a “full revision” and fixed version of GF100.

The net result is a performance improvement of between 15%-20% over the GTX 480, while using less power. It must be noted that the GTX 480’s 250W TDP figure was controversial as they reflected typical load power for gaming applications, whereas stress benchmarks like Furmark used close to 300W, and this is the reference AMD uses for TDP ratings. It is unclear whether the 244W figure refers to gaming load or absolute TDP in stress applications.

In addition to eNet’s report, purported benchmarks for the GTX 580 has leaked on the Chinese enthusiast community.


The benchmarks show an average improvement of ~17% for the GTX 580 over the GTX 480. The maximum increase is in 3D Mark Vantage – ~35%, while the minimum increase is in Resident Evil 5 ~5%. Against the Radeon HD 5870, the GTX 580 wins comfortably by an average of ~45%. The gaps are massive (~2x) in tessellation oriented benchmarks, building on GTX 480’s strengths, while the DX10 benchmarks narrow the gap considerably. Unfortunately, according to these benchmarks, the GTX 580 will end up slower than AMD’s previous-gen Radeon HD 5970, on average, let alone AMD’s upcoming flagship – Antilles / Radeon HD 6990. GTX 580 against Cayman / Radeon HD 6950/70 is the real battle here. Naturally, we would advise you to take any such leaks with a grain of salt.

The GTX 580 is set to release in one week’s time, on November 8th/9th (depending on where you live), but the jury is still out on the extent of availability on release. While strong rumours suggest virtually no availability on launch, eNet insists that AIC partners will have GTX 580s on sale on November 9th. However, the quantity of cards for sale on November 9th is not mentioned.