facebook(low)(CNN) — Facebook is the biggest name in social networking. But overnight, it got smaller.

The font size on much of the site appears to have shrunk — a tweak that has folks complaining about their poor, News Feed-browsing eyes.

By Wednesday morning, users had taken to Twitter to sound off on the change, mostly for the negative.

“Eye doctors everywhere must love the smaller default font on Facebook this morning. Eyes squinting everywhere!” wrote Twitter user esilverstein.

Other comments took a sillier tone.

“What kind of bionic carrot-flavored crack rock are the facebook developers smoking to make the font this small? I call ageism!” said a user with the screen name “thembithembi.”

The responses were predominantly negative, but not unanimously.

“I’m apparently the odd man out but I’ve always liked small fonts in design, so i give two tiny thumbs up to new Facebook font,” wrote user kenromano.

A couple of Facebook groups have sprung up to complain about the change, but none had picked up many members as of early Wednesday.

As of late Wednesday morning, Facebook had made no mention of the change on its site. Facebook spokespeople could not be reached immediately Wednesday morning to comment.