twitter_logo_headerMashable: Months ago, Twitter released a clunky tool called Blackbird Pie for embedding tweets in blog posts. Today WordPress has radically simplified and improved tweet embedding with a new feature, also named Twitter Blackbird Pie.

icon_bigBeginning today, users simply need to copy a tweet’s URL and paste it on a line by itself to embed it in a blog post.

Pasted URLs are converted into full tweets, which means these embedded tweets look as good as screenshots, but include the link back to the tweet, a link to the source and a retweet option. The new feature will also save users time — letting them avoid the much more manual process of snapping screenshots of tweets.

Twitter’s own Blackbird Pie feature is nice in theory, but not exactly convenient to use; tweets embedded this way also lack the style of the original tweet. In reworking the feature, WordPress keeps the style and rich content of the tweet intact, but eliminates the friction from the process.

WordPress modeled the new feature after a plugin for self-hosted blogs by the same name.