About 6 months ago, I decide to go pass my military service, It’s a compulsory military service for every boy over 18 years old in my country.

Well, a few months ago before that, I decide to try my chance to use my ‘illness’ prevent spending 18 months of my life in there, so I visited my doctor and he used some test, picture bla bla to prepare my Medical Documents, Thanks Doctor!

I sent those documents to the Army office and after a few days I got a reply that you must go to Hospital we tell you to re-check everything. Ok, No problem, I will go!Annoyed

I went there, I had 3 problem to check, ‘Liver’, ‘Heart / Blood Pressure’ and ‘Thyroid’, so I’ve to meet 3 different doctors. First I decide to start with ‘Heart’, Damn! today he is not there, I must come back tomorrow, emmm, Let’s try ‘Liver’!!, I went to upper floor, yup! He is coming soon and no need to wait long too:

  • Me: Hi!
  • Secretary: Hi! How I can help you?
  • Me: I got this letter from Army, I need to visit doctor to confirm this
  • Secretary: wait a min….. ok… go to recipient pay this…
  • Me: Ok (In my mind: Oh sh*t! My private doctor is not this costly!)
  • Me: Sorry! When Amry send me here, Don’t they pay this themselves?!
  • Secretary: No, You’ve to pay this yourself, Hurry up!!
  • Me: And when will doctor come?
  • Secretary: One sunny day!
  • Me: Huh?! It’s afternoon, Is it mean he will not come today?
  • Secretary: He will, wait a few minutes

I went and pay that, when I come back, Doctor was there, so I went to his room, Doctor confirmed that I’ve some problem in my liver, got no problem to pass this mission!

—To be continued in next post!! See you soon!