In continue from Days are still going on, but how?–Part3

After living 24 hours with that Holter during walking, sleeping, eating and weeing!!Rolling on the floor laughing I come back to the hospital to get rid of it and get the result, the guy connected that device to computer and printed result, wow, 10 Pages result!

I went to show result to Doctor and ask him to confirm my document, GRRRR, he is not here today, I’ve to come back tomorrow…

I went back next day, first I went to lab for blood test other doctor asked (for Thyroid), After paying (heck, about 3-4 times more than other Labs! I  don’t know why this hospital is like this!) and getting blood sample, I went to show my Holter result to Doctor, well, he wrote “Moderated Blood Pressure, need treatment”

After one week I went to get test result for my Thyroid test, well, Good news! it show yes I’ve illness! I’m not crazy, but at least it help I don’t go for Military service, I went back to home to go back to show result to doctor in Saturday.

Saturday, I knew doctor will come afternoon, so I have been there in 4 or 5 PM, guess what! that Hilarious Secretary!! after having some fun with him and after about 4-5 hours, in about 9 PM (he has been suppose to come 7:00PM!) it was time to meet him, well, he just wrote that my Thyroid is underactive and need to use some drugs for treatment, no more note, grrrr, no problem!

Well, I delivered the Document confirmed by all 3 doctors to Military agent in the hospital and went home waiting for the reply from Them.

To be continued….!