Avira programmers spent a lot of work and drastically overhauled the Avira AntiVir Rescue System which is now available in version 3.7.16. Next to a much better usability due to the redesigned user interface and 11 supported languages the new version offers even improved detection and removal capabilities.

Avira AntiVir Rescue System uses Linux as operating system. The new kernel has much better and wider hardware support. The bootable CD can not only be used to analyse the system for malware infections and remove them, but also enables the user to get access to data on the system in case the operating system won’t start anymore so it can be backed up onto a USB drive, for example.


The Rescue System can be either downloaded from the Avira web site at www.avira.com as ISO image for burning it to CD with existing software or as executable file for Windows with a tiny CD burning application included. It is possible to update the system with an existing Internet connection or just to download the most recent version of the Rescue System from the Avira homepage.

To Lean how to use Avira Rescue System, Visit my site: </en/knowledge-base/security/avira-rescuecd>