Mashable: Facebook and the Twitterverse have been a little quieter for the past several days, as some of the networks’ most famous users — including Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Alicia Keys — signed off in the name of charity beginning on Worlds AIDS Day, December 1.

The group of celebrities had asked fans to donate to Keys’s Keep a Child Alive organization to revive their Internet presences. But by Monday — six days later — they were only halfway to $1 million and itching to get back on Twitter and Facebook. In fact, Usher, “revived” his Twitter presence before the campaign had technically ended. Apparently, the celebrities were more than a little let down by their followers.

So the celebs convinced Stewart Rahr, a Brooklyn-based billionaire pharmaceutical exec, to donate the remaining $500,000. The donation brought the celebs back from their “digital deaths,” and they wasted no time getting back to their millions of fans and followers.

New York Post: Frustrated celebs get back on Twitter thanks to donation from Stewart Rahr