Twitter has seen a phenomenal amount of growth in the past year. In fact, the company claims more than 100 million new accounts were opened in 2010.

To celebrate, the startup has created an infographic showing off some of the most notable new accounts from this year.

It’s quite a motley crew; celebs such as Billy Idol, Tiger Woods, Sylvester Stalone and Cher rub digital elbows with world leaders, including the Dalai Lama, Donald Rumsfeld and Queen Noor of Jordan.

The resulting infographic is a small slice of Twitter’s class of 2010, but it represents the growing diversity and popularity of the still-young platform.

Around the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, many folks were discouraged by the apparent flatline in Twitter’s growth stats. But even as saw less meteoric traffic growth, the number of tweets sent each month were still on the rise.

What quickly realized is that Twitter, by releasing a slew of official mobile apps, affected significant growth in mobile traffic andsignups. In fact, this past September, Twitter co-founder Ev Williams said that since the mobile rollout began four months earlier, the company had seen a 62% spike in mobile usage of the service. At that time, he also said around 16% of all new accounts were created from a mobile device.

Who were your favorite new Twitter account holders from the past year? In the comments, tell us how you have seen Twitter’s membership grow or change in 2010.

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