More Browser Updates

1 minute read

google-chrome-logoAvira TechBlog: Well, actually we expect some more updates as some security vulnerabilities have been revealed at the Pwn2Own contest during the CanSecWest security conference. Google is the first and pushes out version 10.0.648.133 – which fixes one security vulnerability within WebKit (the base of the Blackberry, Chrome and Safari webbrowsers). As usual, the update is spread via the built-in automatic update mechanism. Users can make sure to use the latest version by clicking on the tool symbol and choosing the “About Chrome” menu entry.

Microsoft advises users to switch to Internet Explorer 9 which is soon to be released as final version according to the media. The company says that the flaw which has been abused for hacking the laptop during the Pwn2Own contest isn’t present in the new version.

Hopefully RIM, Google and Apple will deliver updates for the browsers for example on the smartphones based upon their operating systems soon, too.