Hey my blog readers!

How is it going? Did enjoy your days? What’s new in your life?

A paid job is something essential for everyone, especially for a man in my age, I need to start my own life and need enough money for that so I must be looking for a paid job, I did look for that and tried some, yet I’ve had no luck. Once after finishing my school I started working at IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting – Iran’s national TV/Radio) and after working 9 months in there I found that it’s not the job I need, because of 2 reason, one is that I want to work for myself and not someone else, another reason is that there has been some people in there that I did not like, maybe they were not bad people, just not like me so I could not stay in there.

The next job I tried has been one offered with my dad’s friend, he said that need a computer operator in his store, to import and export accountant information, I accepted and went to there, but… since first day he start to behavior too bad and also use me for other works like going out to shop or…, that’s not what we accepted so I left there.

So I decide to stay home for a while and keep improving my computer skills, I started by blogging, writing small VB programs, joining web forums, beta testing windows based programs and also learning about other operation systems like Linux. After about 3-4 years during beta-testing my favorite windows program from my favorite security software company (Avira GmbH) I thought hey why not trying this one for job? during same time I met someone from their team (I don’t name here, maybe they don’t like I do) online and I got more interested in having a job in there so I contacted them, after they asked for my resume and other stuff I got help from my friends and prepared them and sent, but after a few days they rejected my job request. 🙁

I had not too much hope about that job as I know how they think of common people like me, but… well… anyway… never mind!

Now this is my next try, trying a new job, working in my dad’s store, maybe this can help me improve my budget for starting my own job, a software company or a computer reseller store or something, who know!

Because of the new job I might be online less than before, but I be will here every day, just not full time, I will try to buy a smart phone with my first income and stay online at work too!

I’m not leaving internet, I will sleep at night, I will go to work a few hours and I will spend my other times online 🙂

Enjoy every moment of your life!