Is not it great when you feel happy without any reason? When nothing happened and you smile…Yeah, I don’t know why but I’m feeling that way, My life is not ideal and majority of stuff around me is negative but still I’ve this strange happiness inside! No matter it came from but that’s very welcome and I like that.

A few days ago I’ve been sitting in the bus coming back home and listening to beautiful voice of Kirsty Hawkshaw singing “A Million Star” and feeling warmth of sunshine on my face after a very cold snowy day and also having less stress in mind since some of the problems is unlocked (not solved yet, but in progress in a good way…), In that moment I really felt its time to smile and enjoy the life, life can be beautiful from time to time.

That story is continuing, that happiness don’t want to leave me any soon, its a while everything look beautiful, all new people around me looks good, all the events are positive, I’m no new negative event, yes I’ve some tragedy hunting me but those are not new and they are coming with me and won’t leave me without a big change but I’ve so much good new thing in my life, I want to yell and scream express my happiness!

Anyway, Happy New Year!