I bet you dislike it when your throat hurts, when you have that damned feeling in your skin, when your nose become a useless meat on your face, when you become slightly weak and when your eyes get tired soon, after-all when you realize you have got cold or flu…

Yeah, above text is all about me and how I am now, finally those little virus(es) could welcome themselves to my body and have a party, those little unwanted guests!

What do you do in such Situation? I like to hear your ideas, Meet a doctor or self-treatment? If you do self-treatment what is that? Taking meds or natural stuff?

Personally I follow these (if no fever):

  1. Be patient, no solution will heal in a moment, flu will take at least 3 days and maximum 2 weeks.
  2. Taking more vitamin and mineral, I get them via pills (Take care to don’t overdoes).
  3. Drink lots of warm drinks, my favorite one is hot water + honey + lemon.
  4. Keep home environments humidity in a good level.
  5. Have less fried foods.
  6. Stay away from stuff with high histamine.
  7. Rest more!

I try to do that and usually I’ve got a good result without meeting a doctor, but if I’ve fever I will meet a doctor asap!

Take care my friends!


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