Today morning I had a meeting with my doctor, giving him test results I had taken last week. Good and bad news here.

High Uric Acid beside High Triglycerides, High Total Cholesterol, High LDL and very low HDL is part of the stuff in the result.

In this test high Uric Acid is something new beside old problems, I’ve no idea what could be reason because I don’t takes that much meat or alcohol, but one of my BP meds could be the reason (Diuretics Meds, Read here how it can affect).

Therefore now officially I’ve Gout, Hypothyroid+, High BP and a bad liver plus lots of fat in my blood.

Today after resting about 10 minutes in doctor’s room my BP was 160/90 even that I have had taken my meds, so my doctor decide that I should take my BP meds x2, a new med (Allopurinol) is added to my everyday list too and its for high Uric Acid I have.

Good news is that my Hypothyroid+ is controlled by meds and test says with current meds all is good, also my Liver is not changed, yet not normal level of stuff, but not a big problem and don’t need any treatment.