HTC_Wildfire_S_Viewpoints-CHey Guys!

Last month has been a good one for me, I could get some new toys for myself and that’s good, I’ve not completed my todo list (or shopping list), but some important one is done.

Here is some of them:

  • A new phone: HTC Wildfire S, I like it, not a very powerful one but its doing the job I need, let me access my messenger and emails and also have my dropbox and evernote with myself.
  • A new multifunction printer: HP OfficeJet 4500 Wireless, it looks good, not a speedy printer or professional quality prints, but it connects wirelessly to my router and everyone at home can use it for scan/print/copy or fax.
  • A new external DVD-writer: Not best choice I had, but I did, a portable Samsung DVD-Writer, I think a non-portable could be a better choice, but now I’ve bought it and gonna see how it works!
  • A new USB Hub: D-Link 7-Port USB Hub, really these days 4 USB port is not enough and this one has been something essential for me, now I can connect all my stuff in same time! (music player, external hard drive, external DVD-RW, phone etc)

Yeah, those are some of the my new toys, but in the future I will be looking for a new monitor, an external sound card and some other gadgets, Do you have any suggestion which model and brand is best? Let me know!

Have fun guys!