TheHackerNews: Google got Pwned ? NO Few Algerian Script Kiddies try to spread fake rumors that they Hack and Deface the Giant Search engine “Google Iranian” domain . As the screenshot shown a Algerian flag on it and Page Titles : **“**H4Ck3D By vaga-hacker dz and DR.KIM”.

Google IRAN hacked_thumb[1]

As mentioned by hacker, the team include hackers named : “V4Ga-Dz,Dz0ne,DR-KIM King-Dz,BroX0 aghilass elite jrojan password kha&mix wasim -dz” . It is not confirmed that, either these are member from some Anonymous Hackers but they try to use Anonymous Hackers Tag line : We Dont Forget , We Dont Forgive, Expect Us! to get some publicity.

According to further investigation by “The Hacker News” Technical Team, we found that “” possibly not belongs to GOOGLE because site rank is “3141379”  , that means the site should have less than 100 Visitors/Day approx. Also we check WHO.IS records of this domain and found that Domain Holder is “Ganjineh ofogh omid gostar laleh eshragh” which is registered using a Google mail “[email protected]” and Phone No. is : 09377705008 .

May be some Readers are thinking that Hacking a Google domain is not possible, so here we have something for you from past, last year Google Bangladesh website ( was also Hacked by TiGER-M@TE using DNS hijacking method.