I don’t want to hear about flowers, I like death and destruction

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I can’t stand to let them win, I’m just watching them, And I don’t know what to do, Feeling like a fool inside, Feeling all the hurt… Thought they were my friends. Never mind…

Let’s talk about something else, What super-power you wished in your life to have? I mean something like Time-travel, going invisible, mind-reading, unlimited body strength etc.., Mine is going invisible, always I wished I could be like that, going invisible and see so much things that I never can see and hear now. Going invisible and see what people say about me when I’m not there, going and invisible and then go into peoples life to see how much different they when they are alone in compare to when they are with us, going invisible and then go beyond the allowed borders to see what’s in the other side that we are not allowed to see, going invisible to get rid of all of the eyes watching me.

But no! That does not work for what I want, I want to know what people really think of me, always I wished I could find out when someone stay in front me what he is thinking at the moment, Why we cannot find that? When they are looking at me what’s going on their mind, when I’m talking to them what they are thinking of? What’s their view of me? If they like me what they like about me? If they dislike me what they dislike about me? When I’m talking to them, are they enjoying or I’m boring, So, I think I have to choose Mind-Reading! (Like all options are all available and I have to choose the one I want!)

Often I hear positive compliment when people are talking to me, messaging me, commenting etc.. but then I hear some other things from other ways that show people are not honest when talking to me, that’s just one reason I want above super-power, the other reason is that… umm… let’s say make myself a better person, at least in eyes of some special people to be happy with me.

So, What’s your favorite super-power? and why you wish that?