aafndjka2[6] 3/22/2013: Emma Stone revealed that she was not behind the ambiguous tweets concerning boyfriend Andrew Garfield and co-star Shailene Woodley that sparked cheating rumors.

Speculation surrounded Stone’s mysterious “tweet and delete” spree over the past few months.

Emma addressed the rumors on an On Air with Ryan Seacrest radio interview.

One tweet in particular on her Twitter appeared to be an anagram that solved to read, “Andrew and Shailene sitting in a tree.”

Other posts included, “Andrew doesn’t smash, btw. Silly boy” and “Love you guys,” reports Perez Hilton.

Fans were left wondering whether there was trouble in paradise for the Amazing Spiderman couple off-screen.

Emma admitted that this was not the case, saying, “I have never tweeted my friend. I’ve tweeted one time to Seth MacFarlane, I said, ‘Me too, oh boy.’”

In fact, Stone has been hacked and locked out of her account every other time a message has surfaced from her timeline.

The person changed her email and password, but since the incident, she and her team have been able to permanently delete the Twitter to prevent any further mischief.

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