Hey Folks

Maybe you have noticed that I’ve been less active here in my forum and there are some reasons for that!

Over last 2 months (or maybe 3) I’ve been busy with several stuff and on top of them with my website, so here is what I’ve done so far or what I am going to do:

  • I got my own hosting. [Done]
  • Moved my website from Google Sites to my own hosting. [In Progress – some pages are left to move, some out-dated content]
  • Moved TechBlog from Blogger to my own hosting. [Done]
  • Moved LifeBlog (yeah, you are reading it now!) from Blogger to my own hosting. [Done]
  • Moved EntBlog from WordPress to my own hosting and started posting again after years. [Done]
  • Moved Forum to my own hosting. [In Progress – needs a new look, need to link accounts with QnA]
  • Started QnA. [In Progress – needs a new look, need to link accounts with forum]
  • Started Support Center with Email Piping support. [Done]
  • Translating the site into Persian [My native language]. [In Progress – 150 pages are left]
  • Translating the site into German. [To-do]

It is not easy to move from one to another platform without losing contents to without breaking links, so I had to do so much coding and writing lots of custom scripts to extract old contents and import them into new platforms. Also even though I’m done moving blogs or sites or starting the new systems, still there are a lot of under-the-hood changes and works that should be done. e.g. Forum needs a new look to match the new site theme, QnA too, oh, and since I’m hosting the blogs and site etc myself, I need to make sure my sites are secure, stable and fast and those maintenance needs time too. And I don’t have a team, so working on all of these stuff needs time.

That’s not all, recently I’ve started developing 2 new Windows based applications, one of them is a new download manager that works different than common Download Managers that download files directly from source (This is something totally new), the other program is a tool that’s going to help me with offer a better customer service, it’s a tool that run in the customers PC and collect the information I need, extract logs, read the user settings, take screenshots and save all of them into a single file prepared for sending me, and give user 2 options if they want to send the file to me themselves or let the program upload it Support Center and Open a New Ticket for them. Developments of both of these programs are in progress and I’m in middle of both of them, first program (Download Manager) needs lots of coding in server side too.

  • Developing “Download Manager”. [In Progress – ~50% done]
  • Developing “Support Collector”. [In Progress – ~10% done]

So what I’m trying to do is split my time between all of these projects and my own personal life, while I’ve other stuff to do, like my language class, meeting friends, my customers, sleeping, eating, bath, Shopping, spending time with family, reading, social networks and forums and…

I hope now you understand why sometimes I reply your emails a bit late or if I cannot spend time online like before.