Dropbox tests two-factor authentication

h-online: Cloud backup provider Dropbox says it has begun a public test of two-factor authentication for its service. Dropbox had announced it would start offering the security measure after the service experienced a data leak at the beginning of the month. Users who activate two factor authentication will have to enter a security code after logging in with their username and password. The security code can only be used once and is sent to the user鈥檚 mobile phone in a text message....

August 27, 2012 路 2 min 路 285 words 路 Omid Farhang

Firefox 17 to make add-ons more secure

h-Online: As suggested by some of its developers back in 2010, the Firefox browser will introduce enhanced separation between add-ons and the rest of the browser. With the change, which is planned to take effect with the release of Firefox 17, scripts on web pages will only be able to access the data belonging to add-ons if they are included in a whitelist. The beta version of Firefox 15 already logs warning messages in the browser鈥檚 Error Console when a page that is not on the whitelist tries to access data from add-ons....

August 23, 2012 路 2 min 路 305 words 路 Omid Farhang

Get ready for exciting changes coming to Firefox 13, 14 and 15

Cross-posted from BetaNews: Following on from the release of Firefox 12 FINAL, Mozilla has updated its developmental branches to versions 13 (Beta), 14 (Aurora) and 15 (Nightly/UX), respectively. Those looking for major changes in version 12 will may be disappointed, but future builds promise a number of radical new features, including redesigned Home and New Tab pages, plus panel downloads manager and inline preferences screen. Get a head鈥檚 up on what鈥檚 coming and discover which build is best for your personal needs with our essential guide to what鈥檚 coming up in the near future for Mozilla鈥檚 open-source, cross-platform browser....

April 26, 2012 路 7 min 路 1290 words 路 Omid Farhang

Security improvements in Opera 12 beta

The H-Online: A beta of version 12 of the Opera web browser has been released with privacy and security-focused improvements. Code-named 鈥淲ahoo鈥, the Opera 12.00 beta now runs plugins out-of-process and includes optimizations for better SSL handling. Running plugins in their own process not only improves the smoothness and stability of the browser but can limit the damage some plugin exploits can do. Privacy is enhanced with support for the 鈥淒o Not Track鈥 (DNT) header, which is used to tell web sites that the browser user wishes to opt-out of online behavioral tracking....

April 26, 2012 路 2 min 路 388 words 路 Omid Farhang

Panda Cloud Antivirus makes firewall social

BetaNews.com: Panda Security has released Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.9.1 Beta, a preview of its forthcoming 2.0 release. The beta sees Panda鈥檚 lightweight free cloud-based antivirus tool add firewall protection for the first time. The new firewall is community based, which means it鈥檚 capable of detecting known processes and settings appropriate levels of protection for them without bothering the end user with a pop-up alert. The new firewall is visible from a new tab on the Panda Cloud Antivirus interface....

August 31, 2011 路 2 min 路 322 words 路 Omid Farhang

Start of Avira 12 Betatest!

Start of AV 12聽Betatest! It starts from today and ends on 29th of September 2011. Finally after a long time Avira started聽Betatest聽of Avira AntiVir 12. If you would like to test this build and feature beta releases, you can register in Avira BetaCenter:聽http://betacenter.avira.com More Info: http://techblog.avira.com/2011/09/08/avira-products-version-2012-for-windows-now-available-for-beta-testing/en/

August 26, 2011 路 1 min 路 50 words 路 Omid Farhang

Microsoft To Improve File Management Processes In Windows 8

Windows 8 News Blog: The recently created Building Windows 8 blog seems to be up in full swing, with new articles about the upcoming operating system being released regularly. Steven Sinofsky revealed in 鈥淚mproving our file management basics: copy, move, rename, and delete鈥 that Microsoft intents to improve file management processes under Windows 8. According to Steven, Microsoft had three goals to improve the copy experience: One place to manage all copy jobs: Create one unified experience for managing and monitoring ongoing copy operations....

August 25, 2011 路 2 min 路 292 words 路 Omid Farhang

Mozilla Plans To Hide Firefox Version

gHacks: One 鈥渂y-product鈥 of the rapid release cycle of the Firefox web browser is the version number increase that goes along with every new release of the web browser. Firefox this year jumped from Firefox 3 all the way to the latest version Firefox 8, and we are not even at the end of the year. Mozilla interestingly enough plans to hide the version number in the Firefox web browser....

August 15, 2011 路 3 min 路 466 words 路 Omid Farhang

Windows 8: The death of malware? The death of anti-malware?

BetaNews: There is a lot of buzz about a recent set of tests by NSS Labs that show the Smartscreen reputation system in Internet Explorer 9 head and shoulders and most of the rest of the body above the competition in blocking malware on the web. I think the results of the test are even more important than they seem, considering previous reports that Microsoft plans to make Smartscreen a base part of Windows 8....

July 25, 2011 路 3 min 路 559 words 路 Omid Farhang

Chrome OS Beta Channel Update

The Chrome OS Beta channel has been updated to R10 release including the new Chrome 10 Beta, new trackpad and several stability and functional improvements over the previous release. This release contains the following security fixes: Scratchpad application security vulnerability fix In addition to all Chrome 10 new features (see Chrome 10 blogpost), there are several Chrome OS great improvements including: 3G modem activation fixes 3G connection to the carrier fixes Wi-Fi connectivity/Out of the Box fixes New trackpad and sensitivity setting adjusted Auto update engine and debugging improvements Power optimizations GTalk video/chat optimizations Audio CPU utilization improvements Improved on screen indicators: brightness, network status, update icon There is one known issue:...

March 4, 2011 路 1 min 路 163 words 路 Omid Farhang