GreatDefender is a great big scam. GreatDefender is the latest rogue antispyware software, or phony security program that rips people off. If GreatDefender has infected your computer, do not buy the software, you should remove it immediately.

GreatDefender uses scare tactics to frighten people into buying this corrupt software. These scare tactics include:

  • System scans that report numerous infections, yet requires purchase of GreatDefender before it will remove the infections (These are fictitious scan results)
  • Alerts and Pop-Up system warnings stating the PC is infected and recommend purchase of GreatDefender (These warnings are fake)
  • Web browser redirecting to random websites (these websites are owned by cyber thieves and will further infect your PC)
  • GreatDefender will prevent other programs from opening, stating they are infected (The programs are not infected)

If your windows is infected with this malware you should remove it as soon as possible, Click Here to learn how to remove it.