The DarkReading site is carrying a story about brand-protection firm MarkMonitor’s finding that phishing increased 62 percent in 2009 with 565,502 attacks in the year. MarkMonitor is based in San Francisco.

Other conclusions in MarkMonitor’s 2009 BrandJacking Index report:

  • The huge increase can probably be attributed to the use of botnets and the large amount of personal information that can be scraped from social network sources.
  • 2009 saw the all-time high average of 600 phishing attacks per organization
  • only 33 percent of victims were first-time targets.
  • Social networks suffered 11,240 attacks – two percent of the year’s total.
  • The U.S. hosted 44.7 percent of phishing attacks, up from 36.5 in 2008.

DarkReading story Here.