Honestly, how many times have you won free stuff by clicking on links? And no… those spam, trojan, and spyware do not count as free stuff.

We recently found a scam that promises a free iPad to application testers. Apparently, the site lures the person into joining an iPad application testing program while the site owner makes profit from SMS fee charges and affiliation programs. To enroll in the program, “testers” are required to complete two steps.


Step one: Twitter connect, where “testers” are required to log into their Twitter account, and allow an application called “Keep it to hend” to access their information.


Soon after, friends of the testers will receive a tweet containing a link to the iPadAppsTesting website, and a new follower known as Jennt0kvqt will be following them.



So, who’s Jenn? Nothing much can be found on her page, except for a link to her photos (it directs to an adult site that rewards those who refer somebody to join the website) and some trivial tweets.
Step two: Complete the registration by clicking a button, in which the testers will be directed to another site.
After answering an iPad worthy question, they are then asked to enter their mobile phone number and agreed to receive two SMS a week, in which an SMS costs RM8 each.


At the end of the day, the iPad is yet to be seen; the testers are stuck with Twitter spam and a ridiculous charge for SMS messages.