Microsoft announced that it has collaborated with WordPress and now onwards it will be the default blogging platform for Windows Live users. This means Microsoft is killing it’s own blogging platform and suggesting users to go for better platform called ‘WordPress’.


In TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Windows Live Director ‘Dharmesh Mehta’ announced that all existing Windows Live Spaces users will be migrated over to an account at

So now onwards users who sign up for a Windows Live account get free Hotmail , the Xbox Live site , a free blog from and other services.

For me this move shows that Microsoft admitting they cannot compete in the blogesphere and giving up their own blog network and started shifting its Live Spaces users over to WordPress.

I think it’s a good decision, because killing a uncompetitive product is better instead of dragging it. Just imagine Windows Live Spaces running on Linux Powered WordPress!

Microsoft currently has 30 million people using its Windows Live Spaces blogging platform. Those users can port their blog posts, comments, and photos to WordPress, and redirect their old Spaces URLs to the new blog. Microsoft said Live Space users will have 6 months to migrate to

If you’re not ready to migrate today, you can also choose to download your blog content, migrate later, or delete your Space.

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