In continue from Days are still going on, but how?–Part4

I got letter from Military office to say when I must go, it had an additional paper saying how much I must pay to them by going to which bank, Thanks God we don’t pay for breathing at least!

Last night before going I tried to sleep sooner than other night, so I went to bed 2:00AM, not 4:00AM like other nights!Open-mouthed smile , in the morning I tried to wake up early to be in there on time, I could (Almost! not really!) wake up soon, not on time, after breakfast and collecting everything that I thought is needed in there, I left the home, Suddenly I remember that I’ve not to bank yet, grrr, it’s 7:45 AM now and banks will open at 8:00, also I must be at 8:00AM in the office, so I went to the office and hope I find the bank near the office, in the street where Army office is, I found the bank, good thing!, I paid that much they asked in the paper and continue the way to the office, after giving my mobile to them and then body checking, I went in, woah! how many people are coming today?!

I’ve been there about 8:10AM, but until 10:00AM nothing happened, they started calling names, after about half a clock, they called my name, I gave them receipt from bank and also their invite I got, and went inside their doctor room, he took my medical documents, after reading some of them, he said:

Well… emmm…. (while reading) for your blood pressure, you don’t combat (just meaning no need to much activity), nothing about liver…(WTF!)… and for your Thyroid, you need recheck by another Hospital.

Is not he kidding me? again recheck by another Hospital??? all I said in there did not works, so I had to go to another Hospital!

To be continued….