In continue from Days are still going on, but how?–Part5

First day after weekend I went to the hospital they told me, I’ve been there about 2:00 PM, guess what?! They said come back tomorrow, why? working time is 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM, we are off now, HUH???? Hospital has off time? you mean patients should go home and come back tomorrow to their beds?!Confused smile well, I went home and come back next day, I’ve been there about 10:00 AM, They said go to ‘Beliefs and Politics Office’, Ah, what’s this, I went to Floor 4 and to the office, they checked my ID cards and other documents I had (seems for security reason), and then stamp on my forearm,Disappointed smile I thought stamp is supposed to be used on paper and not on human body!

Well, I come back to reception and they sent me to pay stuff! so I come back with the receipt, suddenly I saw they have given that for ‘Urology’, HUH? A bounch of idiot are working in there, seems I’ve to show them I’ve no problem in that part! I come back quickly and and told her:

  • Me: “What’s this?”
  • She: “What’s problem?”
  • Me: “The receipt you printed, here, take another look”
  • She: (reading….)
  • Me: I do NOT need Urologist, I’m fine there, I’m here for my Thyroid
  • She: Oh, sorry, Let me correct it

Well, I come back to go visit doctor, after waiting a long time, I could visit Doctor, well, she look likes to be good doctor for me and my military service, after reading my old tests she asked me to stop using my meds for 15 Days and then get another test to have a test result with a bold numbers in the military officeOpen-mouthed smile , I Thanked her and come back home.

I had to go to 2 different labs, that hospital had not enough equipment for all the tests, so I went to the first lab to take the test, they asked me to go before having breakfast, grrr, I went, I like this Lab and the personnel it has, even I like the Doctor in there, they are good people. when I prepared for the test, I felt I’m not Ok, she started to take blood sample, but nothing came to the syringe, also I felt my head is dizzy, anyway after trying a few more they could get blood sample, but me, I’m not OK! she said better I go rest on the bed a few minutes and gave me Water with a few sugar. aha, now I’m better, Well, I thanked them (and paid for the testWinking smile ) and come back home.

Next They I went to the hospital for the test there, after looking for the lab and pay for that I prepared for the test, they started to take sample, but they are not nice like other Lab I went yesterday! after taking sample my hand has been bruise for about 3 weeks.

I got the test results from both labs after a few days and went to visit the doctor, well she confirmed my problem and told me come back tomorrow to confirm with another doctor too (3 Doctors should sign my document), so I did, but…

But This doctor is not going to sign my document, she says you are not having enough problem that I sign this, I told her see other doctor signed, you just confirm her!, well after talking to her she accepted. for the 3nd sign, another doctor did without I visit her, and they sent my documents to the Military office…

To be continued….