Hey People!

Many of you complain (or only think) that I don’t care about you, because I don’t get in touch with you often. Well, you are thinking wrong!

The fact that I don’t call you often is true (Either via phone, messenger, email or social networks), But I’ve a reason for that and its that I never want to be a person that you think why you allowed to become a friend of you, I would rather to be “nothing” rather than “bother”, I will explain it more:

Phone: Why I don’t call you? Its because I don’t know when you are free to do! You may be having a nap, or be driving or be out with your partner or…
I already call those of you that I know so closely and I know what’s best time to call you.

Messenger: Same above reason, since most of you don’t show it in your status when you are busy, I consider it all of the time that you may be busy, if you have not been most likely you would ping me yourself!Winking smile
Still I message those of you that I know it won’t bother you!

Email: Well, I do it from time to time, sending a Hi to some of you, yet I would rather keep our calls for somewhere else rather than clutter your inbox, p.s. some of you have multiple email addresses in my contact list, and I don’t know which one to useDisappointed smile

Social Networks (e.g. Facebook): This one is another story, its more public and the reason I don’t post in your pages is that I’m not sure if you like your friends see what I’ve posted to you or not, So I would take care about that, I don’t want you feel bad about my public post to you in front of your friends! (I know of some people that do, that’s why I say this) so I hold my messages etc for our private talk.

Ok, now does it make sense? I hope it will change your mind about me.

All of you always feel free to contact me, your messages, emails and calls are always welcome and never bother me, so if I don’t ping you often  its not mean I don’t care about you, its mean I care about you and don’t want to bother you in bad time.