The Federal Bureau of Investigation is willing to pay top dollar for the malicious, infectious software the rest of us pay to keep out of our computers, according to the Federal Business Opportunities website.

A Monday price quote request by the Investigative Analysis Unit of the agency’s Operational Technology Division is asking computer security developers and retailers to help the agency build a library of malware for an undisclosed reason, letting the companies name their price.

“The IAU has a team of highly trained technical analysts, specialists and engineers providing on-scene technical support, employing innovative, custom developed analytical methods and tools to analyze collected data,” the request reads. “Critical to the success of the IAU is the collection of malware from multiple industry, law enforcement and research sources.”

The agency’s minimum specifications for malware to purchase include 35 gigabytes of shareable malware per day, updated every 24 hours, across a wide range of file types.

“The collection of this malware allows the IAU to provide actionable intelligence to the investigator in both criminal and intelligence matters,” the request states, describing the acquisition of malware as ”critical to the success of the IAU’s mission to obtain global awareness of malware threat.”

The request also indicates the FBI will test any such malware before purchase, and that it will notify vendors when and where to send the software, after which the test products will be deleted due to “the nature of the solicitation.”

Initial descriptions and quotes for malware packages are due on Feb. 14.